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Bug #2279

URL suffix still .html after changing friendly_url_suffix

Added by yankeedeuce about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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Category:Core Distribution
Target version:Revolution-2.0.0-alpha-1
Environment:Slicehost 256<br/>
Arch Linux (Up-to-date)<br/>
Apache 2.2.8-2<br/>
PHP 5.2.5-10<br/>
MySQL 5.0.51-3
Affects Revolution Version:Revolution-2.0.1-pl
Resolution:Invalid JiraID:MODX-123


Setting the following in System Settings friendly URLs are being written with .html suffix instead of .php. Looked in MySQL table modx_system_settings, friendly_url_suffix value is .php.
friendly_urls Yes
friendly_alias_urls Yes
friendly_url_prefix (no prefix)
friendly_url_suffix .php
use_alias_path Yes


#1 Updated by opengeek about 8 years ago

Actually, 0.9.7 no longer uses friendly_url_suffix or prefix; instead, you will indicate suffixes by Content Type. In other words, the friendly URLs will use the suffix you have assigned to text/html when a resource is of the HTML Content Type. See Tools --> Content Types in the manager to see the pre-populated content types and the file extensions that will be appended to the friendly URL. Also note that folders that have a value of text/html in their MIME type will use the new setting container_suffix, which is by default just a slash ( / ).

#2 Updated by yankeedeuce about 8 years ago

Thanks Jason, works perfectly. This issue can be resolved/closed.

#3 Updated by opengeek about 8 years ago

These system settings (friendly_url_prefix, friendly_url_suffix) may need to be removed, but need to review other potential Friendly URL options that might allow users to make use of the legacy prefix/suffix.

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