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This site is no longer used for managing active projects. To keep up with project developments, recurring activities, log feature requests, report bugs or suggest improvements for MODX projects, please proceed to the MODX Github Acount.

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Latest projects

  • Test Migration (11/07/2013 04:15 pm)

    For migrating to zee githubz

  • MODX Cloud Public Tracker (07/09/2012 02:35 pm)

    A tracker for issues found in MODX Cloud during the Public Beta.

  • TinyMCE (07/08/2012 08:54 pm)
  • Google Analytics for Revo (06/12/2012 04:10 pm)

    Google Analytics for MODX Revolution created by Sterc

  • Proposals (05/08/2012 04:19 pm)

    Proposals for new features for MODX Revolution and/or xPDO. Submissions to this project eventually end up as feature requests in the corresponding project.

    Please note that submissions to this project should describe in detail:

    • A Proposal Summary section, with a description of the feature or proposal (at least 3 sentences)...